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Sólheimar is a farm in Iceland where organic farming and host persons with special needs as well as people without them in the same society. It was founded in 1930 and has changed and developed into an Eco Village with sustainability and organic farming as one ofthe main goals of the village. They want to create environment where special needs children and individual feel part of the society around them and work fulfilling jobs and the main goal of the founder was not to label Sólheimar as an institution where special needs individual went to but a home for them to be themselves. They have been working with elementary schools in the nearby countryside since 2006, teaching the values of sustainability and environmental understanding. They also offer schools from all over to Iceland to come to have a field trip there to see the operations there as well as teach them why organic farming is good for them and the benefits of it. They learn from seeing special needs individual doing everyday jobs and living there lives as normal citizens. They also offer groups interested in learning about their operations to take a tour of the facilities and sell products made by individuals staying there to fund the operations.


Has helped the special needs community and is well known, it can be replicated, biggest organic farm in Iceland.

Challenges in implementation

Organic farm is hard in Iceland due to weather therefor it can be challenging for them to get families to buy organic due to lack of products. Large scale operational overhaul to change normal farm into organic farm and host special needs individual can be challenging and expensive.