Have a look at the project Partners


The Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) is represented in the project by a team of scientists from the Water and Environmental Engineering Research Group (WEERG). WEERG has extensive experience in the water quality research, sustainable solid waste management, circular economy, and life cycle assessment for various products. The experts at WEERG actively participate in a range of national and international projects, contributing their insights and expertise. The WEERG team is particularly engaged in multiple Erasmus+ initiatives, collaborating with partners and stakeholders to share knowledge and experiences. As a notable example, within the framework of the Erasmus+ Waste EI project, the TalTech team from WEERG has developed informative waste education guides tailored for citizens and students. Furthermore, they have organized numerous seminars aimed at enhancing the understanding of circular economy and sustainable waste management topics among students and school teachers.

Bialystok University

Bialystok University of Technology was established in 1949. It is the largest technical university in north-eastern Poland. Our mission is high-quality education of students and young scientists, conducting scientific research at the highest international level and commercialization of research results. In cooperation with the economic environment, we implement innovative technical solutions that affect the innovativeness of the economy. We also take action in response to social needs.

Almost 7 thousand students are currently studying at the 6 faculties of the BUT. The Bialystok University of Technology is a regional leader in research, development, and teaching. Students and employees have access to the latest scientific achievements. In 2004-2021, PB implemented over 130 projects with a total value exceeding PLN 493 million.

Narva Gymnasium

Narva is the easternmost city of Estonia. But that does not mean we are far from anything; it simply means that the sun rises here a little earlier. Every morning, as we take the next step on our educational journey, we move together towards the future. We encourage young people to build their future in Estonia, their homeland, and we work towards ensuring that every student has equal opportunities to pursue their dreams and thrive in life in our country. Narva Gymnasium provides its students with excellent Estonian language skills, which can open the doors to the best universities in Estonia. We share the knowledge and experiences accumulated over time with today’s youth, in whose actions and decisions the world of tomorrow is born. Our goal every day is to create an environment where open, courageous, self-aware, and creative individuals can grow. Individuals who can thrive anywhere and in any field of life. The journey unites us. It unites us through time and space. It brings together those who study in the same class and support each other even when the school journey in Narva is over, but it also brings together those who might never cross paths in the school corridors, because Narva Gymnasium endures through time!

Associazione Kora

Associazione Kora was founded in 2015 in Passignano sul Trasimeno, in the region of Umbria, to promote sustainable ways of living and social inclusion among young people.
Kora is cooperating side by side with “La Buona Terra”, an educational farm located on the hills above the town of Passignano sul Trasimeno. At the farm, Kora manages several types of projects, hosts volunteers and helps to involve local and international youngsters in educational paths.

The main activities that Kora organises are:
Long and short term volunteering periods in Italy and abroad; Youth mobility; Summer camps; Internships; Cooking workshops; Workshops on sustainable practices; Coordination of volunteering project of other NGO


Einurd was founded in 2010 and is organization involved in adult education and community development. The organization employs experts in management, research, education, and training. Einurd customers are mostly non-profit organizations including schools and education centres on all levels from preschools to universities as well as organizations and centres of innovation and community development.

Platon Schools

The main purpose of Platon Schools is the holistic approach to the issue of education. That is why students are trained to face life as complete personalities. The purpose is not only to prepare tomorrow’s scientists, but to shape souls and infuse young people with the human values and goods of civilization. Founded in 1997, Platon Schools combine tradition with innovation and through dynamic pioneering European programs aim at shaping citizens with a national conscience and at the same time with European culture, in order to meet the requirements of the modern era. The school provides a comprehensive educational program with modern teaching methods, thanks to which each student acquires a wide range of knowledge, while developing his particular inclinations and skills.