Food e-substances

Country of implementation

Estonia, Narva

Type of the practice

Method: Teamwork, working in pairs Fill the worksheet.

Initiator of the practice


Type of education


Age of participants


How many participants max can participate


Education form


Short description

  • to highlight importance of the food composition, calorie content, the content of e-substances and their effects on the human organism and health 
Make a research on the presence of e-substances in food and fill out a table that reflects the names of e-substances contained in the food and their effect on the human body. Food purchased by the school: dairy products, meat products, pastries, sweets, etc. The content is indicated on the product packaging. Students need to fill the name of the product, country of origin, composition, energy value. The table is populated on the moodle platform.


One of the key success indicators of the E-substances research work is to increase awareness of students about the food quality in a way that engages new audiences and gets people interested in healthy food and nutrition!

Challenges in implementation

  • Logistics: it is problematic to buy the right amount of food by the school for research work
  • Food safety: Recovered food must be handled and stored properly to ensure that it is safe for consumption.