Krakkar kokka

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Type of the practice

Educational project

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Age of participants

3-12 years old

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Short description

The project started with the question: What would you eat if there were no stores near you? With this question came that the current landscape of education and the realization that children now don’t have the basic knowledge of the local environment near them can offer them food wise. There for was the main goal of this project is to use a fun and entertaining way for kids to understand the local area’s food traditions and resources. They are also taught the UN sustainable goals at the same time to give them a bigger perspective of food culture and literacy. The kids are taken on a field trip to the nature/primary production facilities and when they arrive there, they cook using the ingredients there. Then they eat the food they cooked and get an understanding of the ingredients used. Each school that participated made an educational video that is shared online for others to see and understand as the landscape offers different ingredients and nature. For example: This is a video from elementary school in the north of Iceland.  This project was only in a few schools in Iceland but can have it across Iceland as the mapping of areas in each part of Iceland.


Challenges in implementation