Boroume at School

Country of implementation


Type of the practice

Educational project/programme

Initiator of the practice

NGO: Boroume

Type of education

Primary, non-formal education

Age of participants


How many participants max can participate

No limit (regular classroom size)

Education form

  • Objective: Increase awareness among schoolchildren regarding the issues of food waste, volunteering and giving
  • Why?:
    • Educating children on the above values constitutes a prerequisite in order to develop a society that will embrace these in the future
    • By participating in interactive classroom activities, children learn about the issue of food waste, its causes, and what can be done to reduce it
    • Children can bring about positive change in their homes regarding food waste
  • How?:
    • We have developed a thorough educational program with lots of useful information that encourages children to participate in various verbal, interactive, and artistic activities enabling them to learn in a playful manner and express their ideas regarding food waste
    • Two programs have been developed, a brief one (for 1-2 hours) and a more detailed one (for 4-8 hours), which can be adapted to the needs of each school in consultation with the school’s educators

Short description

The two programs have been developed with the needs and abilities of everyday school educators in order to be easily adopted and replicated by teachers in their own schools’ settings. Furthermore, the project is delivered through interactive classroom activities and active student participation, methodologies that have been proven to be successful over the years.


This project relies heavily on the motivation of active teachers to introduce it in their classrooms. Furthermore, the short duration of the programs developed raises concerns over its efficacy and sustained long term impact.

Challenges in implementation