SlowFood Iceland – Interview for Information Recipients (Students)

This interview refers to the SlowFood Iceland project which can be found in our Good Practices section.


What did you like the most about this practice?

The aim of being good.

What did you like the least about this practice?

SlowFood has not been successful getting to the masses.

 How can this practice be improved in the future?

Like in answer 2.6 there could be more events to approach the population. Make Tv Shows, Podcasts and have interviews in media.

Do you think your understanding of Food Literacy and sustainable food systems has been improved after implementing this practice?


Have you made any changes to your diet yet after implementing this practice?

I do think more about eating something that grows or is manufactured in the local area. I also think what is good for the environment.

Do you have any ideas, how can sustainable food systems be promoted among young people/children?

At home or at the school. They are also exposed to social media and cartoons. It varies from age groups. It is important to engage the youth on their level and often it might be good talking to the student councils and get influencers to promote it.

SWOT Analysis


  • Sustainability
  • Food literacy
  • Bio diveristy
  • Eco system management
  • Helps small farmers and food producers
  • International good practices


  • Small participation
  • Extra food cost for consumer


  • Changed consumer and food manufacturers behavior. 
  • Replicability in other regions/ countries.
  • Keeps the market diversified of small and large producers


  • Low level of participation and interest in the Case Study.
  • Economic market
  • Different food related organizations bigger then them

Case Study Info

Good Practice Title:

SlowFood Iceland

Meeting Date and Place:

Name of the Interviewee:

Svava Hrönn Guðmundsdóttir

Gender and Age of The Interviewee:

Female, 73 years old

Position or Role of the Interviewee:

Member of Slow Food, chairman of small food production (SSFM), Small food producter

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