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Slow food main goal is to teach consumers awareness of good, clean, and fair food, often meaning local and smaller production. Slow food does not have a label on the products in stores, so it is hard to identify slow food in stores. The main goal of slow food is to be sustainable. There are 11 products on the Ark of taste which is a list of food qualifying to be a slow food.  This kindergarten has the goal of making food from scratch and using food that has not been processed, precooked to make ingredients last longer, only use fresh vegetables. They have the goal of only buying Icelandic products/organic products for the meals for the kids.  These practices are used to underline for children at a young age how important good fresh products are for them and give them the early lesson how much difference there is between buying good products versus mass produced cheaper products and to have children eating healthier in general as it is vital for their growth. They actively monitor all the children to get the right amount of each food category required for them each day. With the challenges of being in Iceland where a lot of products are imported due to weather condition are not favorable for organic farming of many fruits and vegetables, they only import organic products.


Healthiest, teachers kids early food literacy, understanding of local products available.

Challenges in implementation

Funding as this is more expensive then other food, requirement for nutritionist to ration each portion for the kids.