Sustainable food packaging design


Sustainable packaging is packaging that uses materials that are environmentally friendly and can be reused, recycled or composted. It helps reduce your carbon footprint and keeps harmful materials out of landfills. Made from renewable resources (and plastic alternatives) such as paper, cardboard, glass and metal, sustainable packaging can be recycled or reused several times. This means fewer resources are needed to create new packaging. Additionally, sustainable packaging solutions often use less energy in production than traditional methods and generates fewer greenhouse gases. For businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact, sustainable packaging using eco-friendly materials is a great place to start.To ensure protection, visibility and product process efficiency with all paper materials, the supporting materials and process require vast packaging knowledge and experience.Material properties that influence the strength of the packaging, but also color, structure and texture play a role in how your product is set in the spotlights before your target group. It makes a visible and invisible contribution. You decide if the source material is from a recycled source or comes with an FSC certification. This way enterpreneurs determine how sustainable their packaging is.