Sustainability in Aðalþing Kindergarten

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Aðalþing Kindergarten

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From 2011 the kindergarten Aðalþing has had it in the curriculum that sustainability is one of the key factors of their operation. Sustainability means a lot of things for them but mainly liberty, respect, and emotion towards the environment. Sustainability in schools in general is also a social factor and covers all the operation. They keep the children involved in the shaping and influencing how the kindergarten is run.  To have and give an example of the sustainability it is easy to look at the policy for purchasing for the school as the school tries to growth their vegetables in some capacity however do to weather it there is limited amount that can grow in the Icelandic weather and only on certain periods. They have 3 part recycle waste bins: brown for organic waste, green for recyclable waste and grey for non-recycle waste.  They take great pride in the diversity they offer the children to respect the traditions and background of children around the school and believe that is one of the core values of the human rights of each child that shouldn’t be compromised on.   


Helps kids understand how the food is grown, helps them understand sustainability and gives respect to different cultures and backgrounds of each student.

Challenges in implementation

Funding, need experts help setting it up, needs a policy change within operations which can be hard with government run schools.