How to compost and useful tips to reduce food waste

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Municipality in coordination with NGO and a primary school

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Along with the partner Organization Earth the Municipality will organize a workshop at the 1st Primary School of Nea Smyrni to more than 20 students of the Environmental class. The topic of the workshop is composting and food waste. The school has a particularly good organization regarding environmental issues which is the reason it is chosen. At the beginning we will discuss about food waste, how much it affects climate change and the ways to reduce it on a personal way. Also, it would be presented the Food Wave projects. At the end of the workshop the students will start the process of compost at the school’s compost area.


There is great replicability potential for this action since it does not have great requirements to operate it. Moreover, the conditions for organizing such a workshop can vary without affecting it. For example, it can be easily applied both in an urban and a rural setting.  Learning how to compost requires practical, hands on, experiential learning. Therefore, an activity like this one can be invaluable for someone who wants to develop these skills. This impact is multiplied by the fact that young students will gain training in skills that they can practice for the rest of their days.

Challenges in implementation

There is a need for one compost expert that can illustrate and train the participants. This workshop operates under the assumption that the students will then use the school compost bin(s), so this needs to be addressed before implementing it (ensuring that such infrastructure is available to students after the workshop, either at school or another public space or at home).