Report on Survey of High School Teachers’ Needs and Knowledge Gaps in Climate Change Education and Sustainable Food Systems

Introduction: The report presents findings from a survey conducted among high school teachers across five European countries regarding their needs and knowledge gaps in climate change education and sustainable food systems. The significance of addressing climate change within education is emphasized, particularly in relation to the development of sustainable food systems. Methodology: The survey utilized […]

Report on collected Good Practices and Case Studies of Food Literacy and Sustainable Food Systems

The EduNUT project, funded by the European Union, addresses the pressing issue of climate change through the lens of sustainable food systems education. With food systems contributing significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, the project focuses on equipping educators and students with the necessary knowledge and skills to drive transformation towards sustainability. The project’s objectives include: […]

EduNut Project: Nurturing Future Change Makers Through Food Literacy Education

Introduction In a world where sustainable food systems are crucial for our planet’s future, the EduNut Project is a beacon of hope. This innovative initiative aims to transform young minds into critical thinkers, future change makers, and conscious food consumers. By empowering teachers and students in secondary education, EduNut seeks to instill the competencies needed […]